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Our story - Cabo Connect

Our story

Welcome to Cabo connect. Let me explain a bit about our story… 

When I moved to Cabo San Lucas a little more than 3 years ago, I was so excited. I absolutely loved the beauty of the area, the amazing loving people, the energy, and I knew this was truly my new home! However after a few weeks I realized how difficult it was to find the necessary services I needed for my home; the simple everyday needs. How to find a good carpenter, plumber, pool guy, mechanic, gardener, housekeeper, and so on… So, like everyone else, I resorted to asking random people I met, but even when I received a referral, my Spanish was not the best and I had trouble communicating. I was also concerned about the quality of the work provided? Could I trust allowing various strangers into my home? etc. 

Well, after spending hours consulting with a trusted friend, sales mind, Mexican National, and now business partner, Eurídice Barragán; 

The birth of an idea was formed…Cabo Connect. 

Cabo Connect is a membership-based service, connecting thousands of local residents with hundreds of needed services here in Cabo San Lucas. Our members are from the US, Canada, Mexico, and all over the world; yet they have all made their home in Cabo San Lucas. We are the go-between for them to locate and schedule everything they need. We have bilingual reps on-staff that handle the needs of our membership-based customers. 

We schedule the appointments for them based on their request, coordinate with *CCverified service providers they can trust, and the work is completed with ease and peace of mind. Once the job is finished, we bill the member directly for the job so there is comfort and safety always as a one-stop-shop. Afterwards, we survey our customers, and our providers are assigned to future jobs based on their customer satisfaction scores, much like Uber does, so our members receive only the best of the best. 

We have found the key element to make this flow as smoothly as possible for us, the consumer, and the provider, is Simplicity & Communication. From the initial sign up as a new member, through the completion of the job, Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority. We work hard to streamline the whole process and keep things Simple & Easy. We hope you will give us a try, and soon, like many others, you will soon wonder how you ever lived without Cabo Connect! “We Take The Work Out Of Living”. 

We are always available and open and excited to hear your thoughts, suggestions, feedback, and more. See you soon!!


Steve Costa
Euridice Barragan


Cabo Connect

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